06310203 - Controlling

Credit hour 3
Total number of hours 21
Number of hours for lectures 21


This course is organized on to two main items and one case study:
- Method, tools... for managing a project and using "international" tools
- Case study

This course aims at presenting students the main outlines about management including the different types of projects, the adapted tools, the successive steps and intermediate phases to lead a project with the key factors of success.
Make them analyse the link between local to global throughout various projects to lead based upon real life.



  • To be allowed to get into one project team and further on to lead a project
  • To get the project vocabulary
  • To be able to identify whether a tool, a project... has particularituies or not regarding the local or global context in order to take the most adapted decision.
  • To know the illustration on processimplementation and one case study(being able to work in group within a certain number of conditions.


1 - What does managing by project mean? 1.1 - Definition 1.2 - The main steps to lead a project 1.3 - Internal or external management: the qualities required for the project leader 2 - Leading several projects 2.1 - Project selection and portfolio management 2.2 - Too many projects, resources management 3 - To make a success of your projects 3.1 - The Managing Tools: 3.1.1 - The SWOT Analysis 3.1.2 - The actors and group organization 3.1.3 - The process approach including the process chart 3.1.4 - The written report 3.1.5 - The implementation chart 3.1.6 - Other tools 3.2 - Cost estimation and budgeting 3.3 - Project Scheduling: Networks, Duration Estimation, and Critical Path and Chain 3.4 - Project Evaluation and Control 3.5 - Project Close-out and termination One of the illustration : Impementation of a process Case studies (work in group: evaluation of this course) Syllabus - ULBMS Page 3 on 3



  • Robert Buttrick Gestion de projets, 3ème édition, 2006 Village mondial - Edition Pearson - Education France Available in English version


  • François JOLIVET Manager l'entreprise par projets EMS Management et société
  • Philippe LORINO Méthodes et pratiques de la performance - Le guide du pilotage Les Editions d'organisation.


In class Examination: Nature of student work and proportion weight: Work Group (written and oral report : 50% - 50 %)

Additional Information

  • Powerpoint presentation : videoprojection and slide handouts
  • Illustrations and discussions based on professional experience throughout the course.