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Data & Human Experience: iaelyon launches a new program to support the decision-making process

Published on February 14, 2024 Updated on February 14, 2024

The second year of Master’s in Human & System Intelligence for Management - HSIM, created by iaelyon will open in September 2024. Fully taught in English, the program will prepare students for new positions within the decision-making chain in the Big Data and artificial intelligence era, to answer the needs of organizations who wish to adopt a user-centric/Human-in-the-loop approach. Students will have the possibility to attend the pre-experienced or cooperative program.

The program meets the needs of companies who are seeking people who are able to:

  • understand the needs in terms of economic intelligence and decision support, relying on the techniques of AI and big data
  • master the user-centric processes to answer the needs for supervision and monitoring of managers
  • understand, interconnect, and make collaborations between different complex and adaptative information systems
  • have knowledge and methods on UX design: ergonomics and cognitive psychology, design patterns, wireframing and prototyping, user test.
  • Be sensitive to the ethical and sustainable stakes

All the courses of the HSIM program are based on field studies carried out by the companies supporting this project, as well as research work

Highlights of the program

  • A program fully taught in English
  • A small cohort of 24 students
  • Possibility to attend the cooperative program from September 2024
  • A diversity of students:  the program welcomes students both from information systems and management.

Profile of candidates

Students who have graduated from a first year of Master’s (240 credits ECTS)
This program is designed for candidates who studies management, or IT, in France or abroad (university, school of management, engineering school)

Program outcomes

Chief data officer - Business intelligence Manager - Data Protection Officer - UX Manager...

Applications will be open from :
- February 28 to March 6 (for iaelyon students)
- from March 15 to March 30 (1st session)

More information on the Master’s of Human & System Intelligence for Management (soon available)

* subject to approval from the University board

Contact :
Chirine Ghedira Guegan : chirine.ghedira-guegan@univ-lyon3.fr
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