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Ilias KANBAR, PhD student in Strategy

Magellan research center- iaelyon since September 2022

Published on February 24, 2023 Updated on February 24, 2023

Theme: “Reversed innovation in the health field: an analysis through the theory of absorption capacity”

Ilias KANBAR, PhD student in Management, Lyon University, Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, iaelyon School of Management, Magellan research center.

After his Master’s degree in in Change Management in Territories, Healthcare and Medico-Social Facilities and Networks, Ilias wanted to pursue a PhD program. With this objective in mind, he joined the Master’s 2 Studies and Research in Management, where he wrote a thesis about reversed innovation. 
The professional experience he gained during his academic studies, in Morocco, and then in France, allowed him to get acquainted with the issues and challenges of the health sector through a multidisciplinary approach.

With a doctorate contract and affiliated to Magellan Research Center and to the Chair “values of care”, he is completing his PhD under the supervision of Didier Vinot.

The objective of his PhD is to understand how health innovations, created by start-ups in emerging countries, are later integrated and distributed in developed countries. This project aims to renew the opinion about the tools available to these organizations to overcome the obstacles they may face. The thesis is also expected to providing evaluation criteria for the potential impact of reversed innovations in the health field.