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International Week 2024: Students from UNC Charlotte discover the different destinations of the CAPSA Container’s containers

Published on February 6, 2024 Updated on February 6, 2024

Every year in January., iaelyon has the pleasure to welcome a group of around twenty students from the prestigious University of North Carolina in Charlotte in the framework of a Winter School.During their twelve-day stay students have the opportunity to discover different companies from the metropolitan area of Lyon. This year, the group visited a growing gem of the region of Lyon: the company CAPSA Container.

As a part of the International Week, the American students accompanied by Tao-Hsien “Dolly” KING, their Dean and Vydia PRABHAKAR, their program director, attended several seminars at the university and visited a growing Lyonnaise company in order to discover new cultural and economical perspectives. An excellent opportunity for these students to discover the backstage of our region’s industrial areas.

This year, the company CAPSA Container, filial of the Dreyer Group, agreed to welcome the group of students who werecurious and eager to learn all about the innovative and tailored-made solutions this young company has to offer. 
The customization of ephemeral or more sustainable modular spaces, from sea containers opens infinite possibilities and perspectives. Besides their business activity, CAPSA Container is equally known for their team’s agility, when it comes to studies, to engineering, and to manufacturing and commercialization. 

The students had the chance to explore the headquarters of the company, where CAPSA Container’s collaborators give a new life to sea containers and adapt them according to their clients needs. 

The students were given a brief presentation of the company, its organization and phases of production and taken for a tour of the company by Hermance GUERIN and Romain FROMAGEOT. Afterwards the group exchanged with Luka TOSKAJ about the study projects, the engineering processes and the design aspects of the transformation of containers. The students had also the chance to deepen their knowledge about the company’s international development model, specifically in the North American market.

We warmly thank CAPSA Container’s board and collaborators for accepting to be part of the Winter School as well as for the the visit that was very much appreciated by iaelyon’s international participants.
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