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Léa BARBAUT, PhD student in Strategy

Magellan Research Center- iaelyon Since September 2022

Published on February 23, 2023 Updated on February 24, 2023

Theme: “The transition from an industrial sector towards a circular economy model”

Léa Barbaut, PhD student in Management, Lyon University, Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, iaelyon School of Management, Magellan Research Center.

As part of her final year of Master’s in Innovation and Intellectual Property Management at the University Lumière Lyon2, Léa Barbaut was first introduced to the world of research during her internship at INSA’s IMP laboratory (Polymer Materials Engineering).
The adventure began with the BIOLOOP research project whose key focus is circular economy. This multidisciplinary project seeks to identify the conditions required to better spread bio-sourced plastics and thus replace traditional plastics. Her Master thesis provided an initial overview of the obstacles to the transition towards circular economy. However, an in-depth study through a PhD is a necessary step to bring a more exhaustive and therefore more effective analysis of the subject for its implementation.

Currently, she focusses on the transition of an industrial sector towards a circular economy model, which is the topic of her PhD conducted under the supervision of Valérie Revest and Hervé Goy.

The objective is to bring theoretical as well as managerial contributions to industries in order to help them, and to even encourage them, to transform themselves by implementing circular practices. The analysis field is the plastics industry, one of the most polluting industries in our society and for which a transition towards a circular model is an imperative given the environmental deadlock.