Mélanie GIRAUDET, PhD student in Socio-Economic Management

Magellan research center- iaelyon since September 2022

Published on February 24, 2023 Updated on February 24, 2023

Theme: “Employees’ involvement in strategic practices in small and medium-sized companies”

Mélanie GIRAUDET, PhD student in Management, Lyon University, Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, iaelyon School of Management, Magellan research center.

After two years of Master’s in Management, Consulting and change (MC2) at the EUGINOV center of iaelyon, Mélanie Giraudet decided to pursue her studies as a PhD student under a CIFRE agreement to combine research and socio-economic intervention in the practice where she undertook her cooperative program.

Her PhD, under the supervision of Véronique Zardet, focuses on employees’ involvement in strategic practices in small and medium-sized companies.

It allows me to study the strategy from its foundation to its implementation while supporting this research with our work on the field. We suggest a socio-economic approach to define and implement the practice’s strategy, with all employees.  The desire to undertake a PhD is a result of my passion for research and writing on one hand, and of the problems I observed in the firm, during my two years of cooperative program, that can be solved with the implementation of socio-economic management, on the other hand.

Mélanie Giraudet