Research grants

University Jean Moulin Research Service offers PhD students the opportunity to examine with them their funding requests regarding their doctoral research.

You will find below the main available funding opportunities.

Doctoral Contract

The Doctoral Contract is a wage paid by the Ministry of Research in the frame of a 3-year fixed-term contract allowing the PhD student to fully commit to his/her research work for his doctoral thesis.

Temporary Lecturer and Research Assistant (ATER) contract

This ATER contract allows to prepare a thesis or apply to Higher Education recruiting competitive exams while teaching with a status of contract agent.

CIFRE Agreements:

CIFRE – Industrial Education and Research Agreements – fund any French-Law company which hires a PhD student and places him/her at the heart of a research collaboration with a public laboratory.

CIFRE agreements are fully funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research which entrusts ANRT with their implementation.CIFRE associate three partners around a research project:
  • A company, i.e. structure which is part of the socio-economic world (it may be a business but also a social organization, a territorial collectivity, NGO, CAUE (Consulting Organization in Architecture, Urbanism and Environment), consular institutions: Chambers of Commerce and Industry, of Agriculture, of Trades...)
  • A PhD student
  • A research team