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Research: Magellan iaelyon Research Center won the ANR *project on telework impacts on the financial audit sector

Published on October 6, 2021 Updated on October 28, 2021

Jean- François Gajewski and his research team won for the first time an ARN call for proposal. The research project, REMOTAUDIT is the result of a long-standing international collaboration with Canada and was selected by the Scientific Evaluation Committee “Innovation, work”. The research project will begin in April 2022 and will last four years.

Comparing the quality of work in telework and face-to-face in the financial audit sector.

The COVID -19 pandemic compelled companies to suddenly impose teleworking on their employees. In the financial audit sector like in many others employees had to accept to work remotely almost every working day. This tendency will probably continue after the end of pandemic to allow auditors to have a better work-life balance and reduce stress that causes a decrease in the quality of audits. We have been able to notice a better comfort for employees and an increase of the individual productivity for companies.

The study will start with a survey and interviews with a large sample group of professional auditors to better understand telework and its impact on auditors.

Using Nudges to maintain or even improve the quality of teleworking

Although teleworking may increase the productivity the lack of interactions with colleagues and clients can reduce the global productivity. Likewise too much information received while working remotely may affect the quality of the audit conducted in telework compared to an audit conducted face-to-face.

The second part of the REMOTAUDIT project is to use human cognitive bias to develop tools from Nudges by testing their efficiency (social, structure and signals) on the auditor’s judgement to maintain or improve the quality of the audit.

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About Jean-François GAJEWSKI

Jean-François Gajewski Jean-François GAJEWSKI is a Full Professor of Finance at iaelyon School of Management and the director of the Magellan Research Center. His research focuses on the general theme of information and financial markets and they are part of the field of behavioral finance integrating the point of view of both managers and investors. It aims at analyzing how the managers take their financial decisions (Stock Market listing, Financial Communication, CSR Information, financial security issuance), and how investors integrate this information into their strategies. Jean-François GAJEWSKI first used an empirical approach based on tools developed in market microstructure and then used the experimental methodology. More recently, his research in Neurofinance allows him to better understand human behavior when making financial decisions. Jean-François GAJEWSKI is also the Publication Director of FCS review and the Associate Editor for 2 academic journals (Finance, European Journal of Finance).