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The iaelyon International Week 2024: call for applications

Published on June 19, 2023 Updated on June 23, 2023
international week 2024
international week 2024

Building on its previous success, iaelyon will be running the 18th edition of its International Week in January 2024. The week includes International Seminars targeted at Master’s degree students and executive participants, International Research Seminars, and an international CSR Network with visiting professors and guest speakers from international institutions.

The iaelyon International Week

1/ International Seminars: January 8-9 all day & 10 am or/and January 11-12 all day & 13 am, 2024

The International Seminars are open to Master’s students in their first and second year. They are also targeted at executive participants. They may be taught in English or Spanish by guest speakers and visiting professors from international institutions. 

The International Seminars aim to provide students with an international and cross-cultural approach on in-depth and capstone subjects. Courses may be either specialized subjects with a specific international focus or on a particular geographical area or cross-specialized. Courses may address issues such as Business Ethics, Conflict Resolution, Project Management, Leadership, Management of Diversities, Management & Humanities... 
Courses should be interactive, based on class discussions and case studies.

Each seminar will consist of 18 hours, from Wednesday to Friday morning for the first session and from Monday to Wednesday morning for the second. Students are assessed at the end of the courses. Applicants may apply to teach for one or both seminar sessions. 

Each seminar group is made up of French and international students, coming from the different Masters’ degree programs at iaelyon, as well as executive participants.

2/ International Research Seminars: January 10 pm, 2024

The International Research Seminars aim to further develop research projects and activities in cooperation with iaelyon faculty and international visiting professors.


International Management 
  • Dynamics of internationalization
  • International activities coordination and performance
  • Intercultural management and cooperation
  • Inclusion policies and practices in the regional areas
Create an entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Inclusions and responsible funding (Gender, CSR, social entrepreneurship, funding track, takeover, …) 
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurial Contexts (Governance, SME Innovation Management, Incubator, Business Model…)
Enhancement of Cooperative and mutual model
  • Enhancement of cooperative and mutual organizations in various markets (financial, goods and services market, labour market, etc…) through analyzing the principles of cooperative difference.
Sustainable Performance 
  • Extra-Financial Information
  • Socially Responsible Practices
  • CSR Programs and Practices
The Research Seminars will be conducted in English. They will consist of presentations given by guest speakers and visiting professors participating in the iaelyon International Week. 

Participants will be asked to communicate the topic of their presentation and the session they would like to join.

3/ INTERNATIONAL CSR NETWORK: January 10 pm, 2023

  • Sharing the schools’ best socially responsible practices towards their stakeholders
  • Mapping out the implemention of the PRME and Sustainable Development Goals across the schools
  • Exchanging on the schools’ experiences to devise conceptual frameworks 


> Applicants should send their application form 
along with their resume, course proposal and Research/CSR theme proposal by September 4th, 2023 to iaelyoninternationalweek@univ-lyon3.fr

> Information on the results will be given by mid-October, 2023. 

> For further information please contact our International team at: 

French regulations for temporary teaching staff recruitment require that the applicant must be employed as follow:
  • Lecturer (employer’s certificate required)
  • Employee (employer’s certificate required)
  • Self-employed or free-lancer (official documents providing evidence of earnings required)
  • Retired or earlier retired (evidence of pension)
  • PhD student (PhD enrolment certificate)

Payment for teaching one International Seminar 
(18 hours) will be approximately 900 Euros1.

Room & Board expenses will be covered by iaelyon as follows2:
  • Accommodation: participants will be housed at a hotel located near campus. 
  • Board: Welcome and Farewell cocktails will be organized during the International Week as well as group lunches and dinners.
  • Travel: Booking for travel will be made by iaelyon and travel expenses paid directly by iaelyon.
1. Taxes and exchange rate may apply. 
This information is not valid for visiting professors nominated at iaelyon as they are in charge of their travel and accommodation expenses and receive a specific remuneration.

2. This information is not valid for visiting professors nominated
at iaelyon as they are in charge of their travel and
accommodation expenses and receive a specific remuneration.
Contact :
iaelyon International Team : iaelyoninternationalweek@univ-lyon3.fr
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