Volunteering in an association: recruit students from iaelyon School of Management

Published on September 30, 2020 Updated on October 3, 2023

The Association & Management Volunteer Program (Bénévolat et Management en Associationis a compulsory 20-hour course unit to be completed from September 2023 to April 2024. The course unit is designed for the 1.000 first year Bachelor students of Management. Association directors, share your offers!

> BMA: Presentation Pamphlet (in French)
> Submit a volunteering mission
> Our current offers (in French)

Meant to increase the participation of young-adults in associations, the BMA is addressed to every first-year students of the Bachelor in Management. This initiative, implemented at iaelyon in 2014, is totally lined-up with the civil and societal principles carried out by iaelyon School of Management. 
The main objective of this academic experience is to inspire students to reflect about activism, the involvement of volunteers in civil society, the structure of an association and its role in society. 

Students are allowed to carry their mission in various areas and to volunteer in complete or half-days: execution missions, social related operations, organizational missions… they can enroll in any mission as long as it grants them the opportunity to get acquitted with the reality of the work and life of an association by taking part in its daily operations. 

Associations’ directors, recruit students’ volunteers throughout the year!

You wish to appeal to our current students for short missions in order to allow them to complete the Association & Management Volunteer Program?
We invite you to complete the volunteer mission’s form and to send all of your offer description to bma-iaelyon@univ-lyon3.fr.

The offer must mention the following details:
  • Name of the association and contact info
  • Description of the association’s activity 
  • Title of the mission
  • Description of the mission
  • Location of the mission
  • Date(s) of the mission
  • Contact info where your association receives the students’ applications

First year students of Bachelors in Management 

< Pamphlet of the BMA course unit
< Field experience application form
< Missions offered by associations  

BMA Director

Jean-Baptiste CARTIER
Associate professor at iaelyon and Assistant Dean for Student Life