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2022 Hackathon Textile for Tomorrow: 6 students facing the challenges of the textile ecological transition

Published on October 11, 2022 Updated on December 8, 2022

Organized by La Fabrique de l'Innovation - University of Lyon, this hackathon allows students to test themselves on the great challenges of the textile industry, specifically its sustainable development and the circular economy. 6 students of the Bachelor in Team Management, Quality and Sustainable Development will imagine innovative solutions for the common issues of the organizing partners such a sustainable production, eco-design and textile recycling.


From October 10th until October 14th, the Campus Text’in, the CIRIDD, Techtera, and UNITEX Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes will work with Fabrique de l’Innovation to allow 42 students from 7 programs in textile, engineering, design and management to collaborate during a regional week « Textile for Tomorrow - At the heart of textile transformation ».

Realize the collective capacity of value production

The 6 students of the Bachelor in Team Management, Quality and Sustainable Development will create innovative solutions for the circular economy's challenges, in collaboration with "future colleagues" from different fields.

Organized in Lyon, at Villa Créatis, this second edition will end on October 14th with the presentation of the ideas in front of a jury.

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About the Bachelor MEQ2D

A cooperative program, the Bachelor in Team Management, Quality and Sustainable Development, is based on learning innovative management and global management techniques. It aims to respond to the growing need for quality management (quality, environement's safety and respect), noticed in all organizations, private and public.