Academic Research areas

The Research Center covers three research areas: 
  • Academic Research: the aim in this area of research is to increase the number of publications in English in order to achieve greater visibility and contribute to the development of the School in the French context.
  • Applied Research: iaelyon’s goal is to gain greater visibility and impact to our Research. Applied research has been and continues to be one of iaelyon’s strengths. Particular attention is being paid to the development of new methods for measuring the impact of this applied research.
  • Pedagogical developments: MOOCs (online courses) and pedagogical innovations are developed in particular in the frame of lifetime learning and professional training, which is consistent with the action–research strategy of the School.
The structure of iaelyon Magellan Research Center enhances the publishing activity and reorganize in-depth the research unit. A matrix structure was implemented based on research themes (so-called disciplinary groups) and 3 cross-disciplinary research teams. Most of the activities and projects of the iaelyon Research Center are organized around a federative theme “Management of Organizations: from Local to Global”.


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