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Executive Master Controlling and Organizational Auditing: Campus Channel video

Published on December 5, 2023 Updated on December 5, 2023

Sandrine VIVIAN, Program Director of the Executive Master’s in Controlling and Organizational Auditing at iaelyon School of Management, Fabrice ALMANZI and Magalie DENIAU graduate participants of this program designed for professionals, answer the questions of Campus Channel.

The Executive Master Controlling and Organizational Auditing, a program which fits your professional life 

Analyzing and driving performance to create value at all levels of organizations

Organizational auditing is considered essential for numbers of companies both in the industry and services, market and non-market sectors. It is at the core of driving performance and decision-making process which is conducted with the executive management and operational teams.

Beyond the technical capabilities required, controlling and organizational auditors must be able of participating in the development of the strategic plan of organization as well as to be proactive and initiate progress by communicating with the operational teams. 

In an tense and uncertain economic context, organizational auditors must be adaptable, reactive and agile.

The executive master’s in controlling and organizational auditing aims to give participants skills that are both technical (know) and practical (know-how), relational and educational (soft skills) and articulated around 3 axis: 

  • Controlling and organizational auditing of information systems 
  • Organizational auditing
  • Opening towards strategy and finance