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The Master’s students in Services Marketing and Customer Experience helps three start-ups to design their visual identity

Published on March 10, 2023 Updated on March 29, 2023

For the past few years, the Innovation Workshops, organized by Annie Chanu for these Master’s students, have been a great opportunity to support companies of different sizes on their branding strategy and the development of their visual identity. These group works gave students the opportunity to apply their skills and be in the shoes of consultants, to the benefit of three start-ups, all from the Manufactory incubator of the Entrepreneurship Center of the University Lyon - St-Etienne

This original educational collaboration with these three start-ups pursuing ambitious projects allows students to discover many different fields. At the end of 2022, the founders of Daymode, Le P'tit Saisonnier and Recompos it came to pitch their projects to the class and present their challenges in graphic design. Then, the students had several weeks to develop an in-depth study of these brands in order to offer innovative recommendations and to brilliantly rise up to the challenge presented by these young entrepreneurs.


The experience from the companies’ point of view

This application is committed to a more sustainable fashion and allows people to consume less by dressing better thanks to the Artificial Intelligence. Nathan Chovet, one of its founders, asked the students to think about a visual identity strategy that would emphasize the eco-friendly nature of the brand. The challenge was a success according to the entrepreneur, who will be able to use the audits and field studies carried out to "put underestimated weaknesses into perspective and take a step back from his brand".

Le P’tit Saisonnier
This magazine, distributed in touristic locations, offers families a free solution for fun and accessible entertainment. Paul Darras, one of the three co-founders and a Master’s student in the Entrepreneurship and Development of New Businesses program at iaelyon, chose to give free rein to the students to let them re-do entirely the graphic brand and the visual identity (from the brand name to the logo). The in-depth and innovative recommendations impressed the company manager who underlined the professionalism of the students and the relevance of their work.

Recompos it
The startup is developing a design and high-quality eco-material, produced from plastic waste for the furniture professionals. Simon Thilliez, one of the associates, entrusted the students with a reflection on the logo and the naming strategy of the products and ranges. At the beginning of February, following the feedbacks from the work groups, he underlined the coherent and documented proposals that will feed the start-up's reflections on its brand strategy and its identity choices.

The business case from the students ‘point of view

These collaborations were also validated by the students, boosted by this challenge and by the desire to put their marketing skills into practice to the benefit of young entrepreneurs, "to make a contribution" as Morgane, one of the students, points out. Positioning themselves for a few weeks as marketing consultants, considering the real needs of the customers and understanding their environment, a complete exercise that undeniably boost their CVs and gave them more confidence for their future professional integration.

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