Training, research, and professionalization: a human touch to the continuity of iaelyon

Published on April 10, 2020 Updated on April 13, 2021
Formation, recherche et professionnalisation : une gestion humaine de la continuité à l’iaelyon
Formation, recherche et professionnalisation : une gestion humaine de la continuité à l’iaelyon

The entire teaching and administrative staff of iaelyon has organised themselves in record time to make sure there is a continuity of all the principal missions of the school, and also maintaining links with students and businesses despite the circumstances.

The academic directors and teachers have quickly put together plans to make sure their learning continues in one way or another, for most of our degrees: after just a week of confinement, everything is almost fully operational.

 Christian Varinard, Dean, iaelyon

Learning continuity and academic links

► Learning continuity in almost all of the courses
Classes are ongoing for all the degrees concerning work-study programs and continuing education, as well as master’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees with small classes.

 Bachelor of Management courses (MSH, TQM and LSG) : we are continuing the educational experience for our undergraduate students that had classes that started before the confinement, to allow students to build on topics seen before the closure of the university.  

Classes that had not started before the confinement will be postponed to after the reopening of the campus, so as to not penalise students that don’t have access to computers.

All exams are postponed. It is not possible at the current time to give a date for them, seeing as it depends on the date and conditions of the end of confinement. We are waiting for instructions from the Ministry of Higher Education.  Of course, our students will be informed in advance before the exams will be held, in order to provide sufficient study time.

Focus on the initiatives taken by iaelyon (in French)

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