Executive education

iaelyon has made a strategic choice of developing executive education early on. This has translated into a strong-willed development policy of its program portfolio, its links with businesses and their professional organizations, its professionalization of teams and integration of new skills taking into account the current needs of companies and their collaborators.

This strategy has allowed the School to develop beyond conventional executive Master’s and University degrees, an expertise in the development of tailored programs for companies and organizations of all sizes and sectors.

The International - MBA Program (IMBA)

  • A part-time 1 year executive MBA taught by iaelyon and international professors and practitioners
  • Teaching methodologies including in-class case studies, references to concrete professional situations, in-class role playing, interactions between peers and lecturers
  • Prepares participants to be more effective cross-culturally and to become global managers.
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Executive DBAs

A joint DBA with the Business Science Institute (Luxembourg)

  • A part time three year-program taught by professors from iaelyon and from the Scientific Committee of Business Science Institute and implemented in various cities: Paris, Luxemburg, Geneva, Tunis, Dakar, Casablanca…;
  • Provides a monthly individualized remote supervision by experienced faculty throughout the entire program;
  • Offers a mix between management theories and business practices: executives will conduct Research on a topic which, in most cases, is directly related to his/her company.
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A joint DBA with the Industrial Management Institute of Tehran (Iran)

  • A part-time 3 year-program taught at the Industrial Management Institute of Tehran by iaelyon professors;
  • Offers a pragmatic orientation: integration of management theories and practices into the classroom 
  • Reinforces theoretical knowledge of executives and prepares them to solve unusual management questions and problems. 
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A joint DBA with the University of Balamand (Lebanon) 

  • A part-time 3 year-program taught at the University of Balamand (2nd year) and at iaelyon (1st and 3rd year) by iaelyon professors;
  • Relies on qualimetric and socio-economic management research methods which aim to make social responsibility and sustainable economic development compatible;
  • Generates managerial knowledge from innovative practices in countries from the Middle- East and allows to better understand and operate change processes in the highly complex business environment. 
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