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Learning expedition 2022: towards Italy for the iaelyon Human Resource Management Master’s students

Published on July 12, 2022 Updated on July 12, 2022

19 Master 2 Human Resource Management (HRM) students traveled to Lombardy on June 11th for a learning expedition designed to explore the HR practices of transalpine industrial companies. It was also a good opportunity for them to discover the cities of Brescia and Montichiaria, to enjoy the Italian cuisine and to freshen up, for some of them, at the Lake Garda.

Several players involved

UIMM LYON-FRANCE(Union of Metallurgies Industries), partner of the HRM Master for 14 years and consulting specialist for metallurgy sector companies, helped the students find the companies they wished to visit. Aurélien Barby, as well as the Master’s project team (Charline, Romane, Chloé, Sélène, Camille and Clémence) put a lot of efforts into this rewarding stay.
And to finance their project, students had countless initiatives: partnership with Lennox EMEA, papillotes sales at Christmas, Easter chocolates and raffle. So many events which helped carry out their learning expedition.

4 companies visit

On June 13th, students met with Simone Samuele Rizza (HR Manager) and Vincenzo Vittoria (Quality Manager) from Modine Automotive for a manufactory visit and practice sharing on HR politics. Modine is an industrial company specialized in thermic management, designer, manufacturer and tester of heat transfer products for a variety of applications. A good opportunity for students to ask questions on different subjects (talent retention, employer brand, payroll, career management, etc.).

During the afternoon, students visited IVECO, historical company manufacturer of industrial vehicles and buses. Escorted by a production manager, the students were able to discover each stages of trucks’ production.

The next day, the class was welcome by Daniele Bertoni, Director at Beretta Fabrica di arma. In the morning, the students visited 2 locations: the first one with a standardized production and the second one with production of unique pieces for specific customers. A great chance for students to discover weapon’s manufacturing and the meticulousness behind it.

The learning expedition ended with ZF visit. The German group is known for its harmonized practices which promote exchanges and innovation between the subsidiaries in the various countries where it operates. The program “Raise your hand”, idea box to enhance production practices, specifically interested students.

It was an enriching trip both humanly and professionally. It was a nice way to end these 2 years of Master (Fanny)

I liked discovering the manufacturing sites because it was a first for me. I really enjoyed exchanging with HR people on their practices. We will be able to draw inspiration from them for our future professional life! (Camille)

I was able to compare industrial practices between France and Italy and identify very good practices to implement in my future HR experience. We strengthened our bonds within the class and we had a very good time. Marion


The students thank warmly Aurélien Barby and the project team’s members for organizing the learning expedition, a very professionalizing break for the student before they start their working life. Thanks also to the companies who opened their doors to the students and exchanged with kindness on their everyday working life. More generally, students would like to thank, once again, iaelyon and the program’s team who work to develop and empower students during their studies.
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