Research programs

Access to research
Students who wish to do so may opt for a research Master’s. All students attend a 12-hour research preparation seminar in their first year of Master’s. In the second year, they may choose a research program or take a research-oriented option.

iaelyon offers for each Professional Master’s sequence an optional module « Building a Research Project in Management », mainly designed for students registered in the second year of professional master’s. 


  • Second year of Master’s in Studies and Research in Management.
    The « Studies and Research in Management» specialty aims to educate professionals in Studies and Consulting in Management, Strategy and Human Resources who can take advantage of Research in Management. It enables to acquire the necessary prerequisites for doctoral studies in Management (Strategy, Organization, Project, Human Resources): in-depth and critical knowledge of theories, acquisition of quantitative and qualitative survey techniques and academic communication know-hows.
  • Second year of Master’s in Socio-Economic Intervention –Research and Management
    The program aims to educate to and through experimental research methodology suited to analyze complexity and implemented within companies and organizations.
  • Second year of Master’s in Management in International Activites Management
    The program of the second year of Master’s in International Activites Management (Master’s in International Management) focuses on the international concerns of business management.


  • A joint DBA with the Business Science Institute (Luxembourg)
  • A joint DBA with the Industrial Management Institute of Tehran (Iran)
  • A joint DBA with the University of Balamand (Lebanon)

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PhD students undertake their program within the iaelyon Research Center. Preparation for the PhD is undertaken in the Doctoral School. Students have usually attended a research preparation program prior to commencing their PhD or DBA study. 

The culture of research for PhD students and their development has been significantly enhanced since 2011 through organization Research seminars taught by visiting professors and researchers (11 per year), organization of courses by the Doctoral School and co-financing their participation in various international congresses.

PhD students are supported by their thesis supervisor, research groups where they can regularly present their thesis’ progress and by Research teams in which they can participate in collective projects with other unit researchers. Students can attend seminars led by guest professors and researchers (at least 10 per year) within the Research Unit. PhD students also have the opportunity to benefit from funding, including by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (“Explo'ra Doc” program) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (“Cultural Areas Program”), to spend time abroad to conduct research in the frame of their thesis.