Strategy and governance

The School is committed to continuous improvement in all areas of activity and this is underpinned by mechanisms for quality assurance and quality enhancement. The School’s objective of developing the culture of continuous progress and monitoring strategic changes are in line with the University’s and the School is in active engagement with this. 

The mission of the school is implemented through action plans in ten areas of the strategic plannin:
  • Context and Strategy: the overall strategic objective of the school is to set an example of a full service and socially responsible public school of management
  • Programs: implementing continuous improvement and streamlining programs to balance teaching-research workload
  • Students: enhancing the involvement of students and alumni in the activities of the school
  • Faculty: moving from traditional public management to faculty management and development
  • Research: enhancing the international visibility of applied research
  • Executive education: tapping the school’s expertise in research to develop new programs
  • Resources and Administration: formalizing the framework of multi-annual contracts with the parent University
  • Internationalization: one step forward to expand internationalization to all the activities of the School
  • Ethics, responsibility and sustainability: setting an example of a responsible School of Management
  • Corporate connections: ongoing development of sustainable business connections

iaelyon  performs its roles and missions as a School of Management rooted in its territory with a threefold objective:
  • Help student optimize their professional integration;
  • Support the development of companies and organizations;
  • Contribute to scientific knowledge in the field of Management Science through Study and Research activities.

iaelyon pursues a development model which ensures the permanent integration of Research, Education and Business Practices activities as well as a dialogue between Management Science and Humanities.

iaelyon places partner relationships and stakeholders’ needs at the heart of its missions. It focuses on the economic and financial impacts on its territory and on the societal and branding impacts resulting from its activities.

The School’s Governance is tailored to its missions and integrates national and international representatives from the academic and the socio-economic world in its various bodies.